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Once upon a Sensei

The seminal moment came on one of those wonderful sun-kissed days back in 1965, a day with cloudless skies and sunlight streaming through the slats of the window shutters and caressing the cheeks of the beauties in their sleep. Deep in the heart of the United States, Jacques Szenik shrugs off the last vestiges of sleep. As if for the first time, he rediscovers the ultimate pleasure of waking in a bed draped with silky-smooth sheets and climbing out of the bath wrapped in fluffy, elegant towels. Enjoying this sensation of living the good life, he cannot easily dispel the feeling of walking around in a daydream. The experience is a revelation. After returning to France, he decides to create a range of exceptional linen imported from the United States, and Siretex is thus born.
Twenty years later in the 1980s, the soaring value of the dollar delivers a heavy blow to the company, driving production costs through the roof and stopping raw material imports dead in their tracks. Siretex retreats in order to plan its strong comeback…
In the 1990s, Gérard Szenik joins the management team and injects new driving force into the company. Drawing strength from his creative streak and business acumen, he launches a range of towelling and bathrobes. The move proves to be a triumphant success, with each collection garnering new acclaim and unprecedented enthusiasm.
With the hit machine clearly in motion, the company creates a design studio and installs embroidery machines to offer an even more extensive product range and cement its reputation as a responsive and creative business.
Gérard Szenik travels extensively to slake his thirst for new horizons and inspiration… and just like an explorer, he stumbles across cotton expert Hateks in Antakya, Turkey. It is a match made in heaven!
In 1992, Hateks builds a factory to produce towelling finished products, thereby carving its reputation as a leading towelling manufacturer and achieving preferred supplier status for the largest brands.
Siretex and Hateks decide to join forces and leverage their combined expertise and experience. Customers are soon smitten by the flawless product quality. Their partnership culminates in Sensei, a linen company combining beautiful, perfect finishes with attractive prices…