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Unique expertise

Ever since its inception in 1965, Sensei has endeavoured to provide demanding clientèle with a wide selection of exceptional household linen. It draws on its traditional expertise to continually fuel its creative streak and elicit the full range of emotions.
Run your fingers over Sensei linen and enter a dream world where exquisite pleasure and beautiful materials reign supreme.
The delightful caress of Sensei linen invades home interiors to create a cocoon of well-being. The ethereal lightness, the silky-smooth feel and the irresistibly soft caress elevate living to another level!
The collections feature the simplest and the most coveted fabrics alike with a selection of retro and contemporary prints. True to tradition, Sensei aims to offer such noble materials as modal cotton, organic cotton, percale and cotton satin at the best prices. When the Sandman comes visiting at night, this easy way of life lulls us to sleep on a cloud of cotton.
Always striving for excellence, Sensei grows part of the cotton used in a bid to keep the entire manufacturing process under complete control. Sensei's hallmarks - craftsmanship, dexterity and technical prowess - are prevalent throughout the process, from the workshops to the design studio. Ethics are also an integral part of the process, starting in the cotton fields and ending with the consumer. Sensei knows how to embrace the prevailing mood and move with the times to produce superlative collections.
Discover the world of Sensei in Paris and enjoy a fully immersive experience in a cosy and sophisticated setting.